New easyHoldPro

The tool for flying a holding successfully

easyHoldPro is an application for IR Pilots, who need assistance in calculating and briefing a holding effectively/correctly, due to their lack of routine in that field.

Who doesn’t know the situation of receiving a holding-instruction last minute and having to react in the shortest period of time. How do you calculate the WCA for the inbound-leg? And what is the multiplication of said inbound-leg, which you need in order to determine the outbound-leg? The calculation of the leg-times aside, these are many things to concentrate on at the same time without assistance.

The solution for that: EasyHoldPro. With just 7 indications, the app calculates all relevant data for the successful execution of a holding-instruction. All calculated data is displayed clearly in the briefing-site of EasyHoldPro. In the apps development, focus was laid on a simple structure, which is easy to follow and to operate. As a result, all relevant information is shown in just to sites – the entry – and the outcome-site.

The easyholdPro Stopwatch plays a central role in the apps’ design. It is preallocated with every relevant leg-time, which leads to the comfort of simply starting the stopwatch for each stage of the holding. Additionally, the watch does not have to be manually stopped for each new stage, since it inheres the function of stopping and preparing for the new segment itself. Through that, the flaws , which are inevitably connected with the manual operation of the clock, are eliminated and one only has to take care of starting the watch once for the whole procedure.
System requirements:
• Apple iPhone 6s, SE 2nd Gen, 8, 8 Plus, 11, 11Pro, 11Pro Max, 12, 12 Mini, 12Pro, 12Pro Max
• IOS 14.0 or higher

A version for apple iPad is in preparation

Important/attention!: easyholdPro is supposed to be an assistance for the calculation of holding data. easyholdPro does not, by any means, replace a substantiated education/qualification/training nor is it a navigational system that replaces each step in the procedure of flying a holding.

Further information, as well as the handling of the app can be found in the operations manual.